roof inspectionIf there’s one part of your home that often gets beat up by the elements, it is going to be the roof. That’s the reason why it should be cleaned and maintained at least twice a year. Bear in mind that regardless of the durability of the roof, it won’t last forever and certainly not without maintenance. It is also why you should hire a roofer for maintenance, cleaning, and roof inspection. Don’t skimp on professional roofing services. They do help out in terms of keeping the quality of your roof in good shape. Of course, there are also tasks that you could do as a homeowner but always proceed with caution.

Staying safe on the roof

If you are planning on doing your own South Myrtle Beach roof inspection, be sure that you have someone to help you. Use a sturdy ladder and have the other person hold the ladder while you climb up the roof. It also helps to wear shoes with non-slip rubber soles. Wear gloves and goggles. Also, do the cleaning when the roof is dry. Lastly, be careful when cleaning areas with steep inclines as you could easily slip in these sections.

Here are roof maintenance and cleaning tips:

  1. Getting rid of snow – during winter, your roof can be covered with a few inches up to a foot or more of snow. To relieve the stress on the roof, use a specialized rake to pull the snow off.
  1. Remove leaves, sticks, and other debris – check the gutters for any sticks, leaves, or any other debris. Empty the gutters to avoid clogging the downspouts.
  1. Removing moss, fungus, or algae – in case your roof is starting to get covered by either moss, fungus, or algae, have it cleaned immediately. Using a long, handheld brush, scrub away to remove all foreign contaminants. Don’t be tempted to use a power spray. The intense pressure can chip away the surface of asphalt shingles.
  1. Prune nearby trees – any nearby trees can contribute to the dirt you can find in the gutters. Also, any overhanging branches can be hazardous when strong winds knock them over to your roof. Prune branches that are getting seemingly close to your roof.
  1. Clean bird dropping – bird droppings are corrosive to the roof. Roofing materials might react to the acidic content of bird droppings. Be sure to have your roof cleaned regularly if there are a lot of birds in your area. Hire a roofing contractor to clean the roof for the best results.

Your roof needs all the maintenance that it can get. There are plenty of things that could go wrong with your roof if neglected for a long time. It can start to deteriorate sooner than you think. Hire experts like South Myrtle Beach Roofing to inspect your roof. Always bear in mind that a thorough roof inspection is a lot cheaper than having to repair major roofing problems.

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