roof inspectionIt’s already Fall. The huge question now is have you had your roof maintained? Fall is the best time for maintenance. If you haven’t done so, you might want to schedule a roof inspection now. Your roof has gone through a lot for the greater part of this year. If you wish to keep it strong and sturdy for the following years to come, be sure that your roof is well-maintained. Also, choose to hire a roofer for the inspection. While you can do your own visual roof inspection, nothing beats thorough, professional roof maintenance. On the other hand, you can do some of your own roof maintenance should you find trouble hiring a roofer at this time.

Here are some roof maintenance tips this fall:

Start with the gutters – the best approach to maintain your roof is by working from the ground up. Start with your downspouts and your gutter. Make sure that nothing is blocking the gutters or downspouts to ensure that water can drain freely. Sometimes, leaves and other debris collect on the gutters and rot there. This collected matter will build up and cause many problems later on. Be sure that your gutters are cleaned and free of any dirt.

Check your attic – any leaks can first be spotted in the attic. Be sure that you perform a thorough inspection of your attic to see if there are any damp areas where water could have leaked through. In case you find any leaks, you should hire a roofing contractor. It is important that the source of the leaks be found before winter comes. Small leaks could become larger when water freezes over and expands during the winter.

Ensure adequate attic ventilation – another thing that you need to check while in the attic is the ventilation. Is airflow just right in the attic? Is it feeling too hot or cold? Does the air inside the attic seem humid? These are just a number of questions you need to answer and can be resolved by proper roof ventilation. All areas of the roof should have the same temperature. If there are hotspots, snow could melt in that area and form ice dams.

Check your shingles – grab a ladder and go up your roof and perform a South Myrtle Beach roof inspection. Be careful, though. You should always take extra precautions when climbing up the roof especially on steep slopes. Check the shingles on your roof and determine their condition. Any cracked, warped, or broken shingles must be repaired before winter.

DIY roof maintenance can go a long way. However, professional roof maintenance this fall will provide you with better results. When it comes to inspecting the roof, it is important that the person doing the checking is experienced and knowledgeable about the common roofing issues and how they are resolved. This is to ensure that every angle of the roof is thoroughly checked before winter rolls in. Hire a professional roofer like South Myrtle Beach Roofing for the best results.

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