roof replacementA roof replacement is done only once every few decades or during instances where the roof is severely damaged. Replacing the entire roof is a major undertaking that must be done with all the necessary preparations. You must put all the stops into making sure that the project runs seamlessly. For certain, roof replacements are messy, noisy, and can take a week or two to be completed depending on the weather and other factors. Here are some things that you should do to avoid problems during the construction of the new roof:

Things you should do when you are to have your roof replaced

  1. Make yard preparations

Preparing the yard is the first thing that you should set your attention on. While the roof will be done on the roof, it can’t be avoided that some, if not a lot, of debris, will be falling down onto the surrounding area of the house. It is imperative to clear or protect the surrounding area to keep everything intact during the South Myrtle Beach roof replacement. Here are some things that you can do

  • Move vehicles away from the garage and driveway – if you have cars and other vehicles, put them somewhere safe. Park them somewhere falling debris can’t reach them.
  • Clear the patio – if you have some furniture in the patio, it would be best to clear everything in preparation for the build.
  • Clear the garden – don’t let your flower and plants be flattened by falling debris, move them away if possible or provide coverings that will keep them safe.
  • Cut the grass – cutting the grass is essential. As for having the roof replaced, shorter grass will make it easier to spot any fallen nail or roof shingles.
  1. Making indoor preparations

Other than the yard, garden, and patio, you should also make preparations indoors. Here are some preparations you should make:

  • Keeping the pets inside – pets should not be lurking outside while the roofing contractors are doing their job. This is to keep them safe.
  • Keep children safe inside – as with pets, children must be kept inside to avoid any injuries.
  • Tell your children about the job – for smaller children, educate them about what is going on, and the dangers of going out while the job is underway.
  1. Making the final checks

It is important to have a roof inspection done after the replacement has been made. This is to ensure that everything is done accordingly. If you hire professionals like Greg Lilly Roofing & Restoration, it is highly unlikely that there will be issues before and after the roof replacement has been done. A thorough roof inspection is necessary and reports must be made about the quality of the job. You may hire a third-party roof inspector for the checks. Most roofers will have a warranty for the service and will be happy to make any necessary adjustments. After the inspection, you should put everything back to its original place.

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