roof repairA storm can deal with damage to property, to your home, and your roof in general. That’s why a responsible homeowner should check the roof as soon as possible after a storm. If roof repairs need to be done, it must be done quickly and accordingly. Your first option is to hire a roofing contractor to make sure that the roof is thoroughly inspected and repaired. Although it may be tempting to put things into your own hands, you shouldn’t rush yourself into climbing up a ladder and do your own inspection.

The right way to deal with a damaged roof

Never climb up your roof

It’s normal to be worried about your home especially if a storm just ravaged your area. However, climbing up the roof isn’t the best thing to do. There really isn’t much that you can do at that point. You could also injure yourself in the process even if you’re careful. The best thing that you can do is call a roofing contractor. It will also help to take pictures or video documentation of the damage while it is still untouched. This will come in handy especially if you are planning on filing an insurance claim.

Why you should hire a roofer right away

There are different reasons as to why you should call your local roofing contractor like South Myrtle Beach Roofing right after a storm. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The safety of your home and family – badly damage and unstable roof might be cause for injury. It is best to have a broken roof fixed right away.
  • Insurance companies want an inspection done right away – there wouldn’t be much sense for insurers to honor a roof inspection that’s done a month after the roof has been damaged. Most insurers would want to have the inspection done as soon as possible.
  • Fast inspection and repair – some roof repair projects last days or weeks depending on the extent of the damage. It’s important to have an inspection and repairs done right away to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Hire a roofer for inspection that knows how to deal with insurance

You can’t know the extent of the damage to your roof until you have a professional inspection done. This is important because of two things. First of all, a professional roofer can perform a thorough inspection of the roof which will uncover the real extent of the damage and how much it would cost for the South Myrtle Beach roof repair to take place. Second, your insurance company will only honor an inspection done by an established and reliable roofing contractor. With that said, you should only hire a roofing contractor that knows how to deal with roof inspection and repairs that are a prerequisite for an insurance claim.

File an insurance claim

Before you file an insurance claim, go through your insurance policy once again. It will tell you about the things that you need to do. You should also get in touch with the roofing contractor that did the roof inspection. After you have complied with all the information and requirements you need, file your claim.

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