roof repairWith proper maintenance, your roof will remain strong for the next decade to come. However, there are weak spots that need to be constantly monitored so no other parts of the roof will be compromised. Roof repair will sometimes be required especially on older roofing. This article will focus primarily on identifying the common weak spots of the roof in order to understand better what needs to be done to prevent possible issues.

Roof components that require attention

Fascia – this is either a metal or wooden trim that runs along the lower edge of your roof. It is primarily used to protect the inner section of the roof from the elements. The fascia is also where drip edges are placed and where the gutter is attached. It is important to have the fascia checked during a roof inspection. This is to ensure that it has not sustained any damage. A rotted or rusted fascia can cause other problems to the roofing structure. South Myrtle Beach roof repair must be done immediately in case problems are found.

Soffit – the soffit is the part of the roof that is directly beneath the fascia. What this component does is deal the underneath section of the roof and also provide ventilation. Ventilation is a key part of the roof. The soffit houses this critical component to allow the roof to breathe and be free of humidity. However, the soffit may encounter issues especially if it is exposed to elements such as the sun or rainwater. Some critters may also try to enter the roof through the vents located in the soffit. It is necessary to have the soffit checked to ensure that there are no entryways for any pests.

Flashings – the flashing on your roof are either strip of metal or plastic. They are installed in the joints and corners of the roof. Without any flashings, the roof will not be water-resistant. It’s the flashing that completes the seal on the roof. An adhesive is used to set the flashings in place. Over time, the adhesives used could deteriorate and crumble. During roof inspections, the flashings must be checked to ensure the adhesive binding the flashing has not been affected.

The roof can encounter a variety of different problems, especially without proper maintenance. It is important to hire a roofing contractor to inspect the roof at least once a year. There is great value in making sure that the roof is in good condition. Any leaks on the roof could spell disaster almost immediately.

In events like a thunderstorm or hailstorm, the roof must be checked after to find problems if any. Any missing or broken shingles, holes, and cracks on the roof can cause a lot of problems. Leaks alone could compromise the integrity of the roofing structure. Without a proper roof inspection done by experts like South Myrtle Beach Roofing, your roof could well be in danger. Always make it a priority to hire a roofer to inspect and or repair your roof when needed.

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