roof repairSadly, many homeowners have fallen victims to fraudulent roofing contractors. Not only were they shortchanged with the service that they received, but they also paid a lot of money for the necessary roof repair to resolve the more severe problems that the scammers left them with. To prevent these from happening to you, you will need to learn about the common schemes that these frauds implement.

Avoid These Common Roofing Contractor Scams

Camouflaged repair

Some fraudulent roofing contractors will provide you with an excellent service, even replacing your old and worn out shingles. What you do not know is that they really did not do anything to fix the real cause of the problem, which often lies underneath your roof. By camouflaging the real problem, you will think that the issue is resolved. But you will be surprised to see the problem coming back only after a couple of months.

Too much roof repair

Another common type of roofing scam is when contractors will provide you with too much South Myrtle Beach roof repair that your roof really does not need. This will cause you to pay more since they provided you with extra added service. Some will even make a show of installing additions to your roof that will make it more efficient and resistant to wear and tear so that you will pay them more. But in reality, you really do not need them since your roof is in perfect condition apart from the minor repair that you called them for.

You will only realize that you have been scammed when you see the additions they have installed are gradually causing damage to your roof. And, unfortunately, by this time, the contractor is nowhere to be found and can no longer be contacted.

Unreasonable rates

Unlike other roofing scams, this type of scheme is easy to identify and, thus, can easily be avoided. If you are working with a roofer for the first time, they will provide you with a quote for all the services and repairs that your roof needs. Before officially hiring them, you need to review the quote to assess their services. This is when you will see if the roofer South Myrtle Beach charges high for their services or not.

Keep in mind that roofers can charge whatever amount they feel is appropriate for their services. It is your responsibility to assess whether or not this amount is reasonable considering the repairs and services that you are hiring them for. You should know that not all roofers have the same range of rates for their services. Some have high service rates, some have low service rates. And not all of them provide the same quality of service.

How To Avoid Fraudulent Roofing Contractors

The key to avoiding a fraudulent roofing contractor is to do your homework and conduct a thorough background check on the roofing contractors that you are considering hiring. This is the only way you can be certain that they are the real thing. Do a quick search online to find out whether or not they have negative feedback or issues associated with them. Find out if they are accredited by any state or city roofing associations.

Ask for client references that you can contact to ask about their services. Remember that a legit contractor will not worry about providing you with references if they provide an excellent job. On the other hand, if they are hiding something, they will delay providing you with the information that you are asking for.

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